COVID-19 Update 3/30/2020 (We’re OPEN)

Hello Everyone,

Dr. Locke and Dr. Wong here. We are still open to treat acute and injury rehabilitation patients! Unfortunately, wellness patients/treatments are not allowed at this time until further notice. If you are showing any cold/flu-like symptoms (sore throat, cough, fever) it is strongly advised that you stay home and get in touch with your medical doctor.

We are abiding by our Oregon Chiropractic Board’s guidelines and Government rules to ensure that our patients and staff are properly protected where safety is our top priority. We have slight modifications in our schedule but we are attempting to provide as much coverage as possible where needed.

If you have any questions, please call 503-855-4967.

Thanks and Stay Safe! We will get through this!

2 responses on “COVID-19 Update 3/30/2020 (We’re OPEN)

  1. Anne Bryant

    I am a patient with Dr. Locke. Anne Bryant 12/xx/xx. I am in good health and have very few and very seldom exposure to people other than my husband, except for 6’ apart walks with friends. We are both well as I hope all your staff are.

    I have stenosis and some compression in my neck. I am much improved since Dr. Locke began treating me. However, my neck is sore and causing me daily headaches that don’t respond to Tylenol. In the past, an adjustment has done the trick. The headaches have not yet turned into migraines as they have in the past. That must mean that this is not an emergency or acute problem, and I can put off an adjustment.

    My question: how bad does the chronic problem need to be before it meets criteria to come in, which I realize increases risk for the dr., staff, and me?

    Also, if I do come in, it would be reassuring to know that all staff are using all the PPE available to them. Last week I had to go to the podiatrist, and the receptionist was unmasked, plus, the credit card handling without gloves.

    1. Locke Post author

      Hello Anne, apologies for the delay!

      We are open to treat patients who have an active problem which you do have. Scheduling a visit should be just fine. There are plenty of preventative measures actively being done in the office with sanitizing, shielding and distancing per our Oregon Board of Chiropractic and government guidelines.

      If you have any further questions, do let us know.

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