Meet Dr. Wong

Dr. Jonathan Wong was born in Portland, Oregon in the early 1980’s. Dr. Wong has resided in Portland throughout his life and is watching the city change through the times.

It was at Benson Polytechnic High School in Portland that Dr. Wong found his calling to be a health practitioner.  At that time, he observed how people chose to heal from injuries and saw the major benefits of healing naturally.  He saw first hand the the side effects of now common synthetic medications that occurred to loved ones close to him and decided to go the other direction.

Dr. Wong attended University of Portland for his Bachelor’s of Science majoring in Life Science and Biology. From there he attended Western States Chiropractic College (now University of Western States) where he received his Doctorate of Chiropractic in early 2007.

Dr. Wong then became an associate doctor in Happy Valley, OR and worked to become proficient in gentle and diversified adjusting techniques. Dr. Wong has experience adjusting infants to those who are disabled with a keen eye for improving the function and decreasing discomfort with every treatment.

Seeing a wonderful opportunity to reinforce the practice at Locke Chiropractic and work with Dr. Locke, Dr. Wong joined Locke Chiropractic in October of 2018.

Since 2007, Dr. Wong has taken specific training in injuries to the spine and extremities from motor vehicle collisions (MVC’s) as well as specific cervical and lumbar diagnostic extended courses to keep abreast of current procedures and treatments available to patients to aid in optimal healing.

Aside from helping those with injuries from MVC’s, Dr. Wong is an avid soccer and golf athlete (and misses tennis). Always interested in physical improvement, Dr. Wong works with athletes of all types to help them reach their full potential and prevent future injuries.

Dr. Wong lives in North East Portland with his wife, Beth and his children, Eleanor and Clark.  He enjoys spending time with his family, soccer, golf, tennis, beach trips and travelling to new places.